About Niche Communications

Niche IMC is a fast growing agency with an unconventional view of the world. Our team believes there are opportunities to be located or created to make legends of our clients businesses.

Niche IMC captures today’s global reality of combining the science and art of integrated Marketing Communications to generate unusual results for our clients.

Established in 2006, Niche IMC is rooted in untamed passion for eccentricity in brand communications and management.

Independent in ownership, flexible and consistent in creativity, scientific and artistic in our approaches, somehow we bend the rules; go against the norms all to build your brands to rule the market. A combined of over 40 years A+ grade experience in marketing communications tell you something about us-we are ahead in learning/experience/performance curve.  So when you stick to Niche IMC, there will always be more romance between your brand and the market.


Our Philosophy of Delivery

Illegitimate! (IdeaS & CREATivity)


Unsanctioned! (delivery) 

...like the lives of legends 


Process that delivers

Our Vision

To lead in…

          Creativity & idea generation that delivers on brand Value & Clients’ satisfactions.


Our Credo

Positivity…opportunities abound everywhere

Boldness….challenging the best ideas, moving fast to pursue perfection

Inquisitive… interrogating ideas, culture, beliefs  and practices

Exclusivity…radically distinctive in our approaches

Awareness…searching for knowledge that shapes brand future

Flexibility…driving changes that  define realities


What we listen to...

YOU, the client

The Brand

The market

The competition

..that is how we make you to lead all the time!


What we believe all the time

There is a drama in every brand. We locate this dramatic potentials, then tell your brand stories experientially to connect to all the six sensory organs by deploying our 3s model:



Shock !!!!!


The Niche Way

Every brief is executed through the synthesis of:

Market behaviour

Competitive context

Brand Character & Value

Consumers culture

Environmental realities